Tuesday, 13 January 2015

CD Genomics - High quality cDNA Library Construction Experts

Get the best possible outcome in the least possible time-frame with CD Genomics

Construction of high-quality cDNA library is a challenging task and requires extensive knowledge and expertise if you want accurate and reliable downstream applications. It is not only time consuming but also calls for in depth study and investigation of a wide range of samples. CD Genomics makes use of the most advanced technology, high quality products, and proven techniques to bring you the best construction option on the basis of your sample size and budget. Get quality controlled amplified libraries and cDNA clones for analyzing the expressions, screening antibodies and subtraction.

Standard cDNA Library construction

CD genomics makes use of high quality products and superior technology to give you customized solutions with a faster turnaround time. All the clones at CD genomics are correctly oriented for precise expression and screening of antibody. The company also provides libraries constructed in a custom vector for samples supplied by you. CD Genomics follows rigorous QC steps and offers size selected libraries. The broad spectrum of library construction services at CD Genomics is inclusive of genomic library construction, BAC library construction, Fosmid library construction, shotgun and mutant library construction services. Choosing the right company is crucial when it comes to molecular biology, so take the right step with CD genomics.

CDGenomics, specializes in DNA and genome sequencing services, genotyping, health diagnostics, bioinformatics, and custom cdna library development. For more details on cDNA LibraryConstruction, log on to cd-genomics.com. The company employs pioneering techniques to provide premium quality cDNA Libraries for all your research needs.